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Rotary airlocks for discharge & dosage of powdered/granular products.
Rotary ER
Free fall rotary airlock (ER)
Inlet & outlet flanges round.
Rotary ZR
Free fall rotary airlock (ZR)
Inlet & outlet flanges square-rounded.
Rotary ZRO
Rotary airlock for filter (ZRO)
Rotary airlock for cyclons & filters.
Rotary MCS
Taylor designed rotary airlocks (MCS)
Measures according to your requirements.
Rotary EDF
Free fall rotary airlock with self cleaning rotor (EDF)
Rotary airlock for extremely sticky products.
Rotary EHP
Rotary airlock for high pressure (EHP)
Inlet & outlet flanges rounded.
Rotary EFL
Easy cleaning rotary airlock (EFL)
Easy cleaning rotor with a pull out facility.
Rotary EPB
Blow through rotary airlock (EPB)
Inlet flange rounded. Pneumatic conveying.
Rotary ZRL
Lightweight blow-through rotary airlock (ZRL)
Light and compact design. Pneumatic conveying.

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