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Services - Manufacturing Equipment for Bulk Solids Handling

BOREAS have developed wear-resistant treatments in order to enlarge the service life of the equipment depending on the abrasiveness of the handled product, minimizing the operating costs of the installations.

Our equipments are manufactured and distributed all over the world in industrial branches like:

  • CHEMICAL industry (Plastic, paints, dyestuff, petrochemical).
  • ENVIRONMENTAL industry (recycling, purifiying installations, biomass, filtration…).
  • FOOD industry.
  • CEMENT industry and AGGREGATES.
  • PAPER industry.
  • ENERGY (Furnance injection, biomass).
  • MINING (Quarry, coal, etc.)

You can trust on our sales-technical department with highly skilled professionals in order to advise you about the most appropiate equipment for your product and the different parameters of your installation.

In the installation engineering’s world Boreas can be your strategic partner with a group of multidisciplinar engineers and manufacturing plants in order to achieve the lower cost for your installations.

Design and manufacturing of equipments

  • · We design, manufacture and distribute equipments, components and industrial supplies for your company with high quality standards and state of the art components according to CE, ATEX directive. Request a catalogue by email without any obligation.

  • · Flexibility is our lemma, our company has a development department that help you manufacturing the requested equiment according to your technical specifications.

After sales service
We have spare parts for all the equipments, minimizing the delivery time only for the standard equipments, special equipments must be consulted beforehand.

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