Blow through rotary airlock

EPB Valve
Heavy duty and compact design. Inlet flange rounded. Its blow through design guarantees a very good discharging of the rotor’s pockets even with lightly sticky products and its oversized components enable the customer long maintenance intervals. High air tightness because its large number of rotor’s blades, optimizing in this way the performance of the pneumatic conveying installation.
  • Frequency variation integrated in the electrical motor.
  • Thermal sensors and forced ventilation.
  • Mechanical variable speed drives.
  • Air inlets (Pneumatic conveying).
  • Inlet deflector (for granular products).
  • Spin sensor.
Technical data sheet   Download data sheet Download data sheet

  • Ø inlet: 125, 150, 200, 250, 300 PN10
  • Ø pneumatic conveying pipe: 65, 80, 100, 125 mm
  • Geometrical capacity: 2,8 - 36 L/rev
      · Construction material
  • Cuerpo y tapas: GG-25, CF8 (1.4308), CF8M (1.4408), WCB (1.0619)
  • Rotor: St-37, Aisi-304, Aisi-316, HARDOX, special steels for heat treatments, etc.

  • Rotor type: Open, semi-closed, replaceable vanes, scraper vanes, reduced capacity, etc.
  • Bearings: Semi-Internal
  • Temperaturas: -25º C - +180º C
  • Shaft sealing: Sealing rings
  • Drive type: Direct, chain
  • Pneumatic conveying: Positive or negative pressure
  • Allowable pressure: From -0,5 hasta +1,2 bar
  • Special treatments PTFE, nickel plating, galvanized, special paint, mirror polish
  • Hardening treatments: Basic, PREMIUM

  • Atex ATEX cert.:
       · Internal: II 2G/D (Zone 21), II 3G/D (Zone 22)
       · External: II 2G/D (Zone 21), II 3G/D (Zone 22)

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