Lightweight blow though rotary airlock

Rotary Airlock ZRL
Lightweight and compact design. Lightweight blow-through rotary airlock. The blow though design optimizes the pockets unloading.
  • Frequency variation integrated in the electrical motor.
  • Thermal sensors and forced ventilation.
  • Mechanical variable speed drives.
  • Air inlets (Pneumatic conveying).
  • Inlet deflector (for granular products).
  • Spin sensor.
Technical data sheet   Download data sheet Download data sheet

  • Dim. inlet/outlet: 135x238
  • Ø pneumatic conveying pipe: 65
  • Geometrical capacity: 10 L/rev
      · Construction material
  • Body&lids: GG-25, CF8 (1.4308), CF8M (1.4408)
  • Rotor: St-37, Aisi-304, Aisi-316, HARDOX, special steels for heat treatments, etc.
  • Rotor type: Open, semi-closed, replaceable vanes, scraper vanes, reduced capacity, etc.
  • Bearings: Semi-External
  • Temperatures: -25º C - +170º C
  • Shaft sealing: Sealing rings
  • Drive type: Direct, Chain
  • Pneumatic conveying: Positive or negative pressure
  • Allowable pressure: From -0,5 till +0,8 bar
  • Special treatments: PTFE, nickel plating, galvanized, special paint, mirror polish
  • Hardening treatments: Basic, PREMIUM

  • Atex ATEX cert.:
       · Internal: II 2G/D (Zone 21), II 3G/D (Zone 22)
       · External: II 2G/D (Zone 21), II 3G/D (Zone 22)

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