DAMPER butterfly valve

Damper butterfly valves
Lightweight design. WAFER/LUG type. Used as a enclosure device for aspiration and ventilation ducts. Big diameters.
  • Position detectors.
  • Simple effect actuators.
  • Gradual opening.
Technical data sheet Download data sheet Download data sheet

  • Available diameters: 200, 250, 300, 350,400, 450,500, 600, 700,750,800,900,1000, 1200, 1400, 1600
  • Constructive type: WAFER (between flanges), LUG
  • Drill norm: PN2,5 PN6, PN10
    Other measures available
      · Construction material
  • Frame: St-37, Aisi-304, Aisi-316, HARDOX
  • Disc: St-37, Aisi-304, Aisi-316, HARDOX
  • Temperatures: -25º C - +550º C
  • Shaft sealing: Gland packing
  • Drive type: Manual with regulation, pneumatic actuator, motorized
  • Pressure Max: 0,25 Bar
  • Special tretaments: Nickel plating in the disc
  • Hardening treatment: Hard chromium in the disc

  • Atex ATEX cert.:
       · Internal: II 3G/D (Zone 22)
       · External: II 3G/D (Zone 22)

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